3d printed wheel hubs. Pneumatics or whatevr

@mishrasubhransu designed some really nice Kegel core 4" rim wheel hubs they should get linked

lets figure this stuff out!

If someone could make a short tutorial on what to do when designing a wheel hub for a particular tire, basically just going over how you made your wheel. I would love that!


Subbing the thread…something I would love to do. since Janux has ghosted us…


Nice thread!! Ive been experimenting with 3d printed hubs for a while. I have a final version of a hub for 125mm pneumies (5x1, widened to 5x1,5). As i dont have many resources now, i will further invest into the project in febuary.

Basically my findings are that a very high number of walls with moderate extrusion width, gives the wheel a very solid feel, but im not sure about the impact resistance due to pla properties. Im also printing the rim at high temps for pla, 215-225 to make extraordinary layer adhesion. The layer thickness its 0.3 mm with a 0.4 nozzle.

Im printing this hub at high speed as i dont really want to wait for ever. And i wont be riding yet with these. I will probably reinforce this hubs with carbon fibers, or print them with nylon with carbon fiber enbeded, but i dont know if i can print that material.

When i get to test my 125mm wheels, and verify that they´re what im looking for and that the widening works i will make sure to share everything you need to know in order to diy. If i need bigger wheels i will go for 6x2 ali wheels and desing a hub for those (wich is probably easier as there is more space to work with)

And in case youre wondering why im doing this, these hubs will have a kegel core, so they will work with my BN m1 gear drives.

If someone is interested in these, pm me and i can send you the stl or the fusion 360 model. I dont want to make it “Fully public” until the safety and the functionality of these is verified, but i have no problem sending these to everyone that asks for them, as i can verify that they know what theyre doing.


Sounds interesting, what tires do you plan to use ? I’m interested by the stl to try and print some.


You can just shoot him an email, thats what i did.


well it sure looks nice, no tires involved though.
Really makes me wish I wasn’t devoting 100% of my time to esk8 so I could design other stuff.


I will use some 5x1 wheels I found in Ali, I will cut them and use the inner and outer tube of that wheel. I will widen them to be 1’5. I will send you the last iteration of the design I’ve got so you can check them out

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