3d Printed Stormcore Enclosure

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Ive been searching around for a a 3d printable top mount enclosure that will fit the Stormcore 60d+ with very little excess space on the sides of the ESC and a bit of space on the front and back ( for cable glands, receiver, and and power connection).

I also can’t justify spending $200 on an enclosure from apex or 3dservisas.

I’m also tired of fucking around with pelican/seahorse cases.

Any suggestions? I had a buddy print out 2 enclosures for me, one too small, and one too large.

I may very well create a custom aluminum top with heatsink( unless there is one that will go with the 3d printed one).


yep I wish someone like @torqueboards or @Boardnamics had a mid range ESC mounting solution

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Yeah. I was really hoping that you were being sarcastic and that I was going to find a reasonably priced esc case from one of those places


For just this once I was not being sacastic

A nice dual ESC case that can also be mounted under a board easily is just missing in the esk8 product world.


I’m working on one to sell but it’s still a WIP and won’t be released for a while

Both Apex and 3ds are extremely high quality with carbon fiber and aluminum, completely different ballgame. I get your qualm with the price but with the amount of custom stuff they have, it makes sense.


If you have a buddy with a 3D printer, and them being the wrong size is the issue, then you’re missing a trick, the printer makes what you want, you shouldn’t have to compromise because of what you can find on Thingiverse.

I’ll design an enclosure that you can 3D print if you want to go down that route. I have just got my 60D+ so it’s the perfect time for me to measure up.

That would be awesome. I was going to teach myself to use the design software to do just that.

I still will, but am interested to see what you come up with.

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I’m sorry to say, but this will take your input to come up with the overall idea. I’ll do the design and details, and make sure it’s printable, but you have to tell me what you want.

what kind of deck is it going on, what do you want it to look like, How do you want it to mount are your decisions to make, so give me an idea what you want, and I’ll do a design for you.

I already have a case already for mine:

So this is purely for Charity


Well thanks man. Check out the build in my profile pic. I’m replacing the rear enclosure on that build.

Trampa holy pro deck with wire channel. I’m fine with essentially a rectangular enclosure with rounded edges. Bolt on top that can be easily traced and cut out of aluminum. I will make sure 60d+ top portion of heatsink will be touching top plate. Ideally the perfect height would be a few millimeters above height of stormcore so that I can put a little foam under esc.

I can just about see it in 200x200 pixels profile pic. All trampa parts, which is nice. Also, The flat side (bottom) of the 60D is the Heatsink, so if you want to get better thermal dissipation, it should be against to the plate upside-down, with foam on the rounded side.

How to screw it down to the deck? Do you pickup on the Truck bolts, or something else?

If you are fixed on the idea of an metal plate, let’s just design the box for it. So it’ll be like a picture frame, and you can silicon in the plate you cut. Or did you just want the base of a box, then all metal top?

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Both sides of the my 60d+ have thermal pads touching their respective heatsink sides.

I’ll get back with you tomorrow man. Very late here

I could mod this file for you if it helps.


Love this when I get my mountain board I want you to print me one in a fucking rad color :sunglasses:
Neon green
Neon pink


I have every color imaginable so dream away! I thought about using a heat sensitive filament but didn’t have a black one on hand.

This blue that changes to white is sick

I also have a purple that changes to a bright pink.


I have both of these in petg and happy to print if @Venom121212 doesn’t have a color you want. (Though I bet he does)


Love working with People in different Timezones - Progress Happens while you sleep. :laughing:

Let’s say you make a nice 4-bolt bottom plate like this to get all the heat away

Then you could print some nice sidewalls for your box, a nice hot pink seems to be popular with @Venom121212 :

Then stick a top plate on it, I’ve left a small gap for Neoprene gasket round the sides, so you can still get a nice compression with the metal top and bottom.

You did say “very little excess space”, honestly, it’s probably a bit too tight right now, assembling it would be fiddly, but it could easily get longer without getting wider, I’m happy to keep on tweaking it for you if I’m onto something here.


PS: they lose the ability after a while. My daughter’s unicorn has started getting permanent spots of pink

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Weird! I haven’t had the experience at all.


Maybe it’s the unicorn effect


Well it is in a very small bathroom with daily hot showers. Wife level hot showers :rofl: I have to open the dehumidifier in the living room before she comes out.