2x sk3 190kv 6374

Item 12x sk3 190kv 6374
Description:in working condition , no shaft play
Price (USD):70$ + shipping


What country are you inside of?

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its the second time you ask me this question :rofl:


It’s still not on your profile

LOL. Expecting me to remember is too much :rofl:

But either way, the rules require you to provide this on any sale thread. It’s easier to put it on your profile once and be done with it.


am not the guy who like to keep is privacy a little bit , but i can ship anywhere in the world from canada :smiley:

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I’ll take those beauties!

lol where is your pm ?

still available

Hey I’m in Canada! That’s $70 for both motors?? I have a carvon setup that would love to meet these guys…

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pm me if you serious

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I was just curious about the meaning of the handwritten lettres on the paper, then I realised it was your pseudo XD

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i have so many pm’s so just to clarified here, theses motors are beaten a little bit with 800km or more
and are good for parts or good to beat them all summer long ! they still have tight bearing but the price justify all theses factor so please don’t ask me more questions about a 35$ motor :joy:


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