2.4GHz Mini Receiver | Germany

Hey there,
Im looking for a second 2.4GHz Mini Receiver for my Mini remote. Links would be appreciated too of course, If you know where to buy these separately. The remote including the receiver is 15 USD, so please no offers and links above that for the receiver only :slight_smile:

@Anubis might have some in the UK


Finally found one!
But only 2€ cheaper than the whole remote with receiver
#Aliexpress € 11,81 10%OFF | receiver only for 2.4Ghz mini remote controller free shipping by post

I’ll just buy a second remote haha
Best option probably

yo, who you talkin to?

Definitely the best option, receivers don’t really go wrong but the power switch will eventually.

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I have some here in the uk.
Who knows what the postal situation is.
Like @Brenternet says, worth getting a spare remote perhaps too though?

Be extremely careful and light with the power switch and it wont’ fail. I figured that out after several failures and haven’t had any more fail. Use a light touch. It also helps to use your nail to slide it from the bottom (closest to the remote case) and not operating it from the end that sticks out. Be gentle and the power switch will last.

That switch is the weakest part of the entire design.

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Yeah just ram it around and when it breaks I pull out a new cheap remote and move on with my life, up to you guys :man_shrugging:

You can also stick a strong magnet to the screw holding the cover on the lightswitch next to your door. Stick a pushpin to the magnet. That pushpin can easily operate broken remote switches, and it’s at the front door, where you need to both turn the remote on (on the way out) and turn it off (on the way in).

But it’s far easier to just be gentle with it and it won’t ever break.


@b264 Brian, I would really like to meet you one day. I am dead serious.

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