1st build planning

hi all, first time here let’s hope for an long one since i fell this rabbit hole.

like the title says it’s my first build, i started last summer with my backfire zealot and now i want 1 board that can take to the dirt trails not just street roads. after roaming the forum and youtube this is what i got.

deck: MBS Comp 95 Mountainboard Deck

8’ all terrain kit with motors from flipsky with 6384 140kv motors

stormcore 60d+

Hoyt Midnight Puck Remote

Davega x kit

NANUK 904 or similar

vesc box that im gona make

battery i need help with that, i’m 90kg and need one to give me 45-50 km range and someone to build it, and charger recomendation for the battery.

it’s the main parts what do you think? i know the truks/hubs are not the best and want to change that in the future


You’d be looking at a battery between 1 and 2kWh depending on power consumption, look around the forum for pneumatic wheel efficiency to get an idea of what Wh/km to expect. The calculator can help you from there.
There are a number of people on this forum who take battery building jobs that you can ask for quotes once you know what battery you want.


thanks for the help didnt notice that calculator, by the looks of it i need at least 12s5p battery

LOL… You need at least an 9p-10p to do that range… I run 12s8p 21700 cells and my record was 33km. I would say i ride in the 30-55kmh range, i have the same wheels and 6384 flipskys. Get a 12s charger that suits your needs. The more amps the faster it will charge.4a to 12a should work fine.

The new Flipsky kit is hard to beat for the price all screws are stainless and extremely sturdy and pulleys are aluminum. Trucks are the worst ones out there but they are MUCH cheaper than alternatives. I like the Flipsky vx2 remote better than hoyt but that’s personal preference and it will give you all the information the davega gives you. Have it bundle in your shipment if you go that route and check aliexpress, was cheaper for me to get it from there.

ohh them i put something wrong in the calculator, gona check aliexpres prices to see if it’s worthed.

Actual range and calculated range are quite different. If you go slow you might get 45km range but what’s the fun in that😉

I think it’s worth getting an MBS complete instead of buying a single deck and the Flipsky trucks. Yes it is slightly more expensive up front, but it’ll be much cheaper than upgrading them piecemeal in the future, plus the Matrix II is a relatively common standardized profile that has many mount and drive options. Same with the Rockstar tires that the complete comes with. The Flipsky setup is a dead end in terms of upgradability - it’ll be all or nothing in terms of replacing parts. You can’t replace just the mounts without changing the trucks, or change the wheels without changing the pulleys at the same time.

As for battery I get around 30-50km out of pneumatics and a 620Wh battery, depending on riding style. I’d aim for 1kWh of batteries to reliably hit 40km.

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I’m sorry even though i love the matrix trucks, i just can’t agree with that, It’'s MUCH more expensive to go the complete MBS way, plus to my experience, MBS customer service is unresponsive.
The most inexpensive board that comes with decent hubs and all metal matrix trucks is 550$ USD plus shipping (it has nothing on the electric side of things so add plenty $$$).

Just the for the price of 2 matrix trucks, you can get (2 trucks, 4 clever tires with tubes, 2x front hubs, 2 rear hubs with integrated 72t alu pulleys, 2 alu motor pulleys, 2 straps, all stainless hardware needed, alu motor mounts, motor protector. I mean… it just disn’t add up for me. On boxing day, i paid 500$ CAD DHL shipping included for that kit and 2x Battle hardened 63100’s.

It’s also almost fully upgradeable on the long run. Spring choices are endless, axles are replaceable and you can put any hubs on it (any drivetrain), you just have to get the correct bearings. Yes, the wheel comes with the pulley but a complete aluminum hub/pulley is less expensive than getting an mbs pulley.

I have more than 1000km on a board that run the flipsky kit and i only have 2 complaints, 1st The stock springs are not made for anyone over 200lbs if you like speed but could be ok for someone that carves at low speeds. 2nd, the hubs look is very bad compared to anything else you can find. Besides that it’s great. I switched the springs to stiffer ones and the hubs to rockstars and i’m still under the 2x matrix trucks price.

Also on a personal note, i like some old designs MBS had but all the new models don’t look good to me and are super narrow for my feet. They also don’t sell an enclosure that fit perfectly to their decks like the flux diy or tomiboi decks systems.

Of course if you don’t mind spending around 500$ more for a similar experience, why not.

I disagree, with the evergreen 15% off code and occasional 20% codes you can get them for pretty cheap. I bought a Comp 95 complete and spare metal baseplates last year for $380 total. Coupled with a DIY drivetrain with Boardnamics mounts for $120 and some 6374s for $160, I got a complete roller with drivetrain, F5 bindings, and metal baseplates for less than $600, just $100 more than just your trucks and drivetrain.

That was a fantastic deal.