1st build help? (Looking to upgrade from hubs)

So after a while of owning an Ownboard W1S - 30Q Battery, I am looking to upgrade due to ride comfort, upgradability options etc. Have a budget of ~$700, looking mainly for ~10miles range, ~20mph, be able to take some hills.

Mount: Torqueboard
Belt: 15mm 5m
ESC: Hobbywing ESC / VESC (Not too sure yet)
Battery: Ownboard Samsung 30Q Battery (Anyone recommend a different battery for longer range?)
Wheels: https://www.stormesk8.com/products/stormesk8-2-pack-ls2y-all-terrain-electric-skateboard-rubber-wheel-105mmx66mm-60a-durometer
Trucks: Caliber II 50s
Deck: Basic drop-through deck

Anything I should be looking out for or missing out?

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  • Definitely go with a VESC.
  • For the battery I’d suggest a bigger one. You get one built from members on this forum; I think @Dirt_Bag might have a 10s4p left for a good price.
  • You can try @Boardnamics mounts for Caliber II, good quality + cheap.

You’re missing:

  • Motor Pulleys
  • Kegel Core Pulleys (if using those wheels)
  • Enclosure (if you’re going with a bigger battery)
  • Antispark/Loopkey
  • Remote
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If I use a VESC is it possible to use any type of remote? And thank you bro, appreciate the help man!


I have some really cheap 10s4p packs ready to ship. They are very thoroughly insulated and overbuilt for maximum possible safety.


Yep! You can use any remote that is designed for vesc. You won’t be able to use remotes for escs (like hobbywing remote)


Also, yes go with @Boardnamics mounts. They are incredibly strong and the price is actually reasonable.

I do love the dickyho mounts but they ship from china and take a while.

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My advice:
Go with vesc, even flypsky is good
Don’t get APS, they have problems and pia to get from warranty.
TB has great quality and awesome customer service.
Wowgo I think makes AT battery pack with enclosure also.
Don’t get those wheels, v they are wobbly as heck.
If you want good parts, good service but longer delivery, check @dickyho eBay.
And invest in safety gear if you don’t have already

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Are the motors from Dickyho any good? I live in the UK so its harder to find a seller that has 6374 motors in the country, don’t mind purchasing stuff from overseas. Also what’s wrong with the wheels? I have seen reviews of people saying they make the ride on rough terrain feel nice, any alternatives also?

From what I read, his motors are ok.
He also has pneumatic kit and airless kit. Both better than that skull board.
There is no hybrid, either you get good Thane or good Pneumatics.
Because your budget is limited, choose one.
And the advice is: buy cheap buy twice.

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Thank you bro, also with the VESC is it any Flipsky model or is there a specific one I should be looking to purchase

4.12 are good and 6.6