190kv 63100 Battle Hardened

Brand new flipsky 63100 Battle hardened motors in 190kv, 10mm D shaft. Hoping to get a reasonable offer considering they’re brand new and have 3 day shipping anywhere in the US.

Story? I ordered 10mm D shaft, 3 hours later I had sent an emergency order update email requesting the 8mm keyway. Got a confirmation reply from flipsky that they were all set. A long while later I get 2D shaft 10mm motors, so of course I email flipsky to see what’s up with it… The recommendation was to sell locally and buy a new pair… So here I am guys, anyone want some really good motors with shit customer service?(seriously though, I am impressed with the motor quality on these but dang, “sell them locally”?)

PM for reasonable offers, keep in mind they ran me $341 with shipping and are brand new.


you cant have offers you need a price


This and Pictures are required


Looking for $300, free shipped in 3 days


That’s a good deal imo. Shipping from FS is crazy expensive this year.

Just trying to instant sell so I can order the right ones and wait another month to ride…


What are you installing these on?

You might be able to find a 10mm pinion, or pulley, closer to home. If it’s just an aluminum pulley, you can probably drill it out to 10mm, but then you’d have to rely on the grub screw instead of a keyway. You could just put a flat on one side with a grinder.

That is exactly what kit I’m using for belts/pulley system. Custom milling a motor mount. I run my motors pretty hot usually, do you think a grub screw or potentially adding other grub screws would work and handle high amps?

You should be able to find a 10mm pulley for that. Give me a minute.

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Yes I saw this one, it is 17mm though and my belts are 20mm. I could cut them though, I saw that someone made a belt cutter 3D print in the print files thread. Thank you for looking, I think I might go with this one.

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20mm seems to be getting less common in esk8. That pulley has no keyway, but those motors have a nice d shape, and as long as you tighten one screw nice and tight against that flat, and loctite it in, I think it would work. Yw, I enjoy looking for things. Going to look some more. I think there’s more options in China, but shipping…


That was me, I can probably make a belt cutter for the size you need.

If you just want to buy belts check out VBeltGuys. They have the best prices.

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@IDEA might actually have some 20mm wide htd5’s, 10mm bores, with keyways.


I was looking at these before I purchased the 6384, flipsky need to make some 140kv or lower and a higher s rating like the maytech

Do you have 20mm wheel pulleys? Which ones?

Yes, from trampa here. They only have 8mm round shaft it looks like

Went with 20mm kit because I don’t like snapping belts and figured it would be a bit stronger. Got a bunch of extra belts and if the setup works well i’ll get spare pulleys just incase they ever get pulled from stock. I am going to drill and tap a double or triple grub screw onto the D shaft after reboring it to 10mm. Ill let you all know how it goes. Will use lots of loctite and let it set for at least 3 days as I have some 3d models and other board projects running at the moment.

I think I found 20mm with a proper keyway:



Amazing, order placed!