1:5:9 Trampa Spur Gear Drive Weight?


How much does this gear drive weigh without those motor guards?


I believe you can click on the “Parts Used” tab and get the weight of individual pieces down to the bolt. Just take the whole motor mount weight and subtract each individual part you do not wish to include.

Just the motor cage for example is listed at 90g each not counting screws or other pieces/adaptors that you may also want to subtract.


the ‘weight’ that is on trampas website i have found to be a ball park figure they have pulled out their ass

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They pull thier balls out of thier ass? Now thats impressive.


2.5kg is bloody heavy if the website is right

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i’ve found spelling mistakes, impossible dimensions, and also inaccurate diagrams on their website. having wrong weight for their items shouldn’t be surprising :man_shrugging:t2:


if you add up the weight of each part, each drive is about 1Kg
(without hardware and without the silver motor adapter thing and black motor cage)

2.33kg without the cages

this includes all hardware and seals and such.

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Thanks for this :metal: