18S8P Project Board

I am currently in the starting process of building a 18S8P board ( still ordering parts as I go ) as a at home project and was hoping to get some info from the geniuses here just in case. I apologize in advance if I sound noob-ish.

At the moment I am working on the battery. The cells are molicel P42A and I was planning on using 10 AWG for the wiring with a xt90s connector. Checking all the voltages leveling them all out to 3.66v ( still waiting for my last batch ) before I begin any welding / soldering process. As for the BMS I was planning on using a Xiaoxiang BMS and a smart balancer in parallel. The charge port I planned on using was a 5 pin LP-20 to work with a chisystems charger. VESC wise I wanted to go for Stormcore 100Dx.

Questions I have :
What motors would you recommend for the build?
Is there a enclosure that a company makes for that size, or would I be better off making one?
If you have a better recommendation for VESC, what would you pick for this?

Thanks again for any assistance friends! ( I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I’m building )


Motors 130-170kv range you can use the ultimate esk8 calculator to figure out the kind of torque/top speed you want.

Enclosure depends on the deck you’re using but eboosted makes plenty of enclosures. eboardsperu.com

ESC I’d rather go SKP Solo or MakerX D100s


18s8p is a HUGE battery! I would highly recomend finding a deck and enclosure before you start building the pack.

Magnetic fits 18s8p

Also i think lacroix with the deep enclosure and jotnar/northcamp…as far as i know these are the only options that actually fit 18s8p 21700 batteries


One more vote for

sort out the enclosure and deck first!


If you can bring it down to 16s8p I have a few decks that might work for you.


So after listening to the counsel, I’ve taken it all into consideration.

The motors I’m leaning towards 6384 170kv motors ( most likely flipsky )
The ESC i’d switch is SKP solo ( comes with a little more for the cost )

@tomiboi i’ll dm you to talk about that odashi deck


Another vote on this one…


What gear ratio are you running?
I would highly recommend getting Reacher motors, but it does increase your cost a bit.


I saw them when combing the internet, but I’ll definitely give them a look for the recommendation. I was leaning towards 15 teeth on the motor and 60 teeth for the wheel pulley.


+1 for reachers, they will let you squeeze the most out of that battery and esc :fire:


Another vote for reacher motors here. They’re well worth the cost.


I’ve seen people run lower KV with lower gearing, but I’m not entirely sure what would be the most optimal configuration for 18s.

Never… ever… again…

Cheap does mean nasty in some cases, flipsky covers both bases.

Can highly recommend saving a few extra pennies for the reachers.

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It’s a learning experience, so I definitely appreciate the input.

I like what I saw in reachers so I’m locked in on the choice for those.

What drive system are you looking to use?


I recently finished my 18s board. I went with 6385 112kv Reachers and 15/60 pulleys. Can highly recommend this setup


Not entirely true. I’ve haven’t had one fail yet. I reckon the newer BH versions have been a pretty solid motor so far and I’ve used a few. The older ones sure I would agree.


I was planning on going with plain ol’ belts for this one. Just keeping it as simple as I can.

i am confused by this,

a BMS is a cell balancer

and the xiaoxiang is a smart BMS as that :thinking:


It was a Active Balancer. Butchered the wording on that