18S stuff everything you need minus deck/trucks/motors/wheels/remote/mounts/pulleys/belts

So wedding’s (and Sur Ron’s) are expensive. Need to let go of my lightly used 18S set up.

Parts for sale:

@Skyart built 18s5p p42a pack comes with lp-20 connector and is set up for dual esc’s if desired - $800
Lacroix 100D - $400
18s adjustable up to 12a charger with lp-20 - $100
Infinity heatsink - $50

All of the above - $1,250

Plus shipping for all prices

I also have this cut up eboards peru enclosure I’d sell for $50

All this stuff was destined for my rebuild of my peralta on stooges but that’ll have to wait till next year now

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What deck does it fit?

Meant for a century, that battery pack will fit most EBOOSTED double stack tubs…like evo/century


:smiling_face_with_tear: I’ve got a century

you wana make it 18s for like $1000 less (unless you build packs) than it would cost you new? lol

Isn’t Surron one word?

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its technically “Sur-Ron”


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