18s Bro96 Chain Drive

I have not shared this build here, it is the big brother to the 3-link 18s Street Bro SS.

In short, it has 3 6s graphene lipos in series for 12A of 18s lipo power. Chain drive, have added a robogatchi over and other thinks like the tool bag over time. This board has been my main board for most of 2021.

I used to carry a Q8 charger, would change the lipos from series to parallel for charging on the go… but i get tired of opening the box… so i added a smart BMS, it is super easy to disconnect and remove and makes charging on the go sooooooo much eaiser :slight_smile:

Haero Bro Stiff
MBS F5 Bindings
MBS Matrix II trucks
8" MBS Tires
MBS Rockstar hubs
12/68 # chain drive
140kv Flipsky 6374 Battle hardened
Stormcore 100D
Hoyt Puck, Ice w/nub
Freesk8 Robogatchi
18s Graphene Lipo (12A)
Shredlights SL-300s, SL-200s underglow
18s 2,4,6,8,10A charger


Love the amount of pictures you have in your build threads :heart: