12s at 10s voltage

I have 8s-10s rated motors. I was wondering if an optional way of adding capacity would be to run 12s battery with a vesc setting limiting the voltage. …instead of doubling the number of cells.

What motors do you have? Motors don’t really care about what voltage you give em, and running 12s on 10s motors may be fine.

You could technically so this with duty cycle maximum if you really needed to limit the voltage that the motors recieve


I have turnigy 6354 sk3s


They shouldn’t really care about voltage. You can limit the duty cycle limit which will prevent it from hitting above 42v to the motors.

Duty cycle current limit start at 80%, and duty cycle max at 85% should only give the motors a maximum of 42.5ish volts, but you shouldnt need to do it

OP should buy different motors

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you wanna buy them some? :flushed:

No OP is fine with 270kV providing they’re not using V4 architecture VESCs as it would exceed the ERPM limit. Just has to make sure to use the largest reduction as possible for torques sake.

I stalked your profile and it looks like you are running:

Flipsky 6.6 (vesc 6 based)
Sk3 6354 260KV
120mm Clouds
16:40 pulley

You want to switch to 12s

The benefit of high KV motors is that they can handle higher amps. 260kv 12s on a v6 vesc should be fine as it’s only 78/150k eRPMs. The downside is you will need to change your gearing. I would try not to go much less than 14-16t motor pulley otherwise you may run into belt slipping issues. That means to have a nice take off speed you will need something like a 60-70t ABEC core pulley!

If you can find one, bump your motor amps up to at least 60A ea. Should perform nicely :slight_smile:

I’m now using spintend ubox and 12:40 gearing on the 120 cloudwheels. I was warned against 12t pulleys for breaking reasons but it’s been fine.
I rewired the lipos and ran it for three miles using the 12s battery setup and it was fine.

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