110mm TB Wheels

Hi all

With all of the people in this forum. Is nobody linked to any urethane manufacturers at all?

Why are Torque Boards the only people in the world to have a 110mm urethane wheel. Where is the competition?

Can someone else start making these wheels? Not some shite chinese manufacturer either. A proper place.

I want 110mm wheels but its super tedious dealing with certain dropshippers. Ya dig?

Also, admins, why is there no wheel category. Wheels are important. And there is obviously a decent sized market for them. I searched categories for wheels and it came up with onewheel…


If you WANT 110mm wheel why not just get the TB110? It’s been well tested by riders for a while now.

Abec11 was going to make 111mm but for some reason decided to stop production


Lmao. People don’t buy shit

Cloud wheels are the closest competitors that Tb 110s have but at some point in time they turned out to be shit “cracked cores”

Also Rough stuff 110s but they ride hard as a rock

Abec 111s were supposed to hit the scene a while back but they never took off

I guess there will people willing to make you some wheels but be ready to buy a quite a few sets

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I ordered them thr other day. But ol Dexter comes back saying shipping all of a sudden costs more than the 60USD I’ve paid.


Typical @torqueboards bullshit
He needs to stop pissing off people I’d say


111 not gonna happen any time soon… It’s alright on a smooth surface. That’s about it.


Yup, and from the way I look at it, he is passing his costing error on to me. I ordered from him 3 weeks ago. 60bux shipping for like 100bux of trucks and some crap wheels. No shipping increase then.


No, it’s set at Flat rate shipping and we bill you the difference.

We can set things up so you get charged for actual shipment costs but then that will affect 80% of our customers vs the 10-20% that are international. Specifically, Australia/New Zealand result in higher shipping costs.

It’s simple enough. If you want it, you pay for it.

You say you purchased 3 weeks ago but I have no order number. You have no purchase 3 week ago.


To avoid confusion there should be A BIGASS RED BANNER saying the mentioned above :point_up:t3: For all international buyers


Thanks Cisco. Your the best. I’m not sure what I would do without you. :slight_smile: lol jk I will add it tho.


@CiscoV aight Idk about best but he decent :eyes:.


I can totally picture your ass flipping me off right about now.

Thank god you ain’t got my phone number. Or do you :thinking::grimacing:

Edit. Oh shit. You also have my home address :grimacing::grimacing:


@Dbell Both your orders haven’t shipped. We can combine them. Should be cheaper or we can refund both orders. Up to you. PM me.


@Dbell If you take dexters deal on shipping be sure to disinfect those wheels as they will have his balls all over them.


Haha better yet. We’ll just refund your order. :rofl:


Yup, the RoadTrip diner French Toast treatment for sure

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Jk brother. Trying to keep your thread interesting :rofl:


Ouch :sleepy:

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And the true colours come out. This is not the post for me to explain your customer service.

Well you need to refund and pay the return shipping on the previous order for the trucks because the mounts and everything else fits those trucks and without this order you have left me with useless trucks.

501.98, is the amount to refund if you can’t reply to the PM