10S4P Enclosure in EU

Hi everyone, I need an enclosure that can fit a 10S4P single stack with some electronics
Just a generic one, for a stiff deck with very little concave
Want it quite quickly, that’s why I’m not getting it from eskating.eu because of his moving

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I have an enclosure for you, but it’s pretty torned up, send a pm if you want pictures

One euro Ikea.


It’s actually not that bad, but hard to mount
I’m trying to get past the time of flower pot as enclosure

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In a pinch it’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine (copywrite @Sender by proxy @DerelictRobot)


Wow, proper attribution.

From 6 to Midnight over here Brent, thank you.

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In stock and ready to ship :slight_smile: https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/battery/products/abs-enclosure-50x15x4cm

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+1 for Frederic!

That enclosure will ship before even finish using the payment window, this guy does not mess around.


Looks good, will lookf if not too long
But it might be a little too big for only a 10s4p no ?

The smaller one would likely be too small

Yeah realized that too

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actually a great mold to use for fiberglass.

So nobody paging @BigBen ?

I bookmarked this on the old forum with all the dimensions. Might be useful

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@rpasichnyk had good results using this cheap tray. The final product looks really decent:

More info here: https://esk8builds.com/photo/view/?id=145