10s4p 30q in the making [US] 320$

Hey guys, I have @Dirt_Bag making a battery for me, but plans have changed and I need the $ because of some events that have taken place in the past 24 hours. I’m looking for someone to give me 340$ to transfer the purchase over to you. Instead of shipping it to me, it will come to your door. The battery should be done pretty fast, 2 weeks and should be delivered to you. The reason I can’t get a refund is because the cells have already been purchased. Hope to find someone relatively fast because a 30q for 320$ is a steal! Here is a few pictures of some batteries Alex has made.

charge only bms, a detachable 2.1mm dc jack charge port (the standard on most packs) and a 5a fuse installed.


Just confirming this is a legit thread.

Shipping is included for the $340 (usa)

Let me know if you need info.


Really need this gone!

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Has assembly been started?
If so, it would be good to know configuration.


10s4p single stacked, batteries have been ordered already


Configuration can be changed as the order was only placed today. If you have a different shape in mind, let me know. In general there is no price difference based on shape

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I can’t buy crap lol.
Just thought it would be helpful information for buyer/ seller

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might be able to buy tonight if it works with torque boards esc and you can show me where to buy a charger and case

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I believe the proper notation is ssssssssss ahahahahahahahahahahahah

You could do certain things to make this more attractive to potential buyers.

The obvious thing -

State clearly from who and when you bought the battery. Show any email/DM evidence.
If at all possible get them to comment that they are willing to change the delivery direct to any potential buyer.

Post a pic of whatever pack builder has done before, if they are serious they will have an account here or the other place.

Think of a way to place any potential buyer’s fears at ease by working out some kind of escrow system or PayPal. But you better work out a warranty transfer with the builder or else risk getting nothing on a PayPal chargeback.

States some more facts like errrm if it has a BMS, if yes what BMS. Cross-link to the maker of that BMS’s site for specs.

Nobody is going to beat your door down on this, with so many unquantifiables even if this is what it states it is.

See, I put more effort in there and it took me 2/3 minutes…

Ah right @Dirt_Bag ? You approve of this thread or not?
Do you offer warranty on packs? Are you go on sending the pack to someone else and not Kareem.

How messy


Thanks but I already got some guys interested. I’ll do a little fixer uppers

that’s bully :v:

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