107mm wheel, Deck ideas?

Hello, I’ve got some 107mm urethane wheels but can’t find a deck for them which doesn’t bite wheels. Any recommendations? No DKP‘s, they’re awful.

Tried on a switchblade (topmounted) with 220mm trucks but didn’t fit. Generally I would prefer a little shorter Board 34-36".

TKP trucks will make wheels like those work with decks with wheel cutouts like the Switchblade, because they increase the wheelbase a fair bit.

The only alternative is to top mount on a deck with a whole lot of risers, or to use really wide trucks. Or DKP :face_vomiting:

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In fact, you could search on this forum for all DIY builds that use 107 or 110mm wheels and draw some inspiration

There’s also a variety of ways to extend wheelbase…

Have you tried using risers? Could effect board stabilty but worth a shot.

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