10 Questions with Timo from Haggyboard


Hey all-

We’re now including an option for an interview subject to ask a question back to the community and this is what Timo wanted to ask you:

"If there was a new single/dual ESC on the market that is not based on the open source VESC structure, which functions/features would you wish for? Benjamin along with Frank/Trampa have done an amazing job giving the community the VESC and we are extremely thankful for that.

We have been looking into a more simplified ESC design that provides everything needed to run high-powered esk8 setups. So what are the type of settings that should be adjustable (apart from the common settings such as battery type, ramping, FOC/BLDC, change of motor direction, auto-calibration, sensored & non-sensored setup)? Which features can you live without and which are extremely important to you?"

We’ll be inviting Timo in to hear what you have to say, so please behave yourselves. (That last bit was really only meant for Dareno.)



A great thing I’d like to see would integrated circuits for lighting options (whether it be 5v/12v/24v) without the need for external power


Amazing people. So lucky they stepped in the game.
I would love to see a 100mm Senor pepe wheel.
Concerning the esc. The only thing I need is foc sensored or not. small able to pull hig current that doesn’t brake at any chance.
All the rest not relevant for me.


Yes, but extra wide.


@haggyboard.timo please make the 100mm senor Pepe’s a reality, I’m certain there is high demand as boas have disappeared off the face of the Earth and 100mm is a great sweet spot for wheel size


What a breath of fresh air.

Anti crowdfunding. Organic growth. Not rushing shit to market. Actually delivering to the market when it is promised.

Fucking Timo. Bad ass man.

As far as your question with regard to the controller? I am not a smart man. Make something that works, is tested, and delivers on time… and you will kill it!


Can you imagine Centrax width or close? Chills.


Right? Do want 100x100 lol


Yes forgot to say it. I world like the same of the 65mm grey ones, but 100-105mm

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I’m a fan of Timo. Still quite sad I almost had the opportunity to visit his shop in Taiwan but our schedules just didn’t quite match up…

His (old style) motors are dope though


Important: test test test
I do not feel the need to pay for a product to find out the hard way that im the test dummy (hint hint)


Bravo @haggyboard.timo :ok_hand:

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This was a reply to the esc question, by the way! In no means directed to existing products of @haggyboard.timo as they are great! I thought we all knew to which vesc i was referring to :smiley:


Adjustable throttle curves. This one feature can fix so many performance issues.


some of this stuff was mentioned already, but my basic requirements on a dream controller would be:

  • integrated power switch for use with detachable momentary buttons with leds of my choice, such as the rubbery ones for water resistence or the shiney metal ones like on the unity.
  • finely configurable low and high voltage cutoffs, not just S count selection.
  • auxiliary full voltage output for things like fuel guages or external BECs
  • aux 5v and/or 3v output for LEDs (headlights, underlights, markerlights) with plenty of current
  • brake light control, basically an LED dimmer that responds to throttle changes independent of ppm or uart control.
  • traction control
  • flanged heat sink for drop through mounting in enclosures or outboard plates
  • CAN and UART for 4wd options and other connected devices such as metr or high end remotes
  • wireless configuration, however you want to do it (included uart module, integrated bluetooth, whatever)
  • configuration software that fucking works on iphone on day one, as well as android. Not just PC, not just PC and Android.
  • simple wizard interface with option to go advanced into everything possibly configurable.
  • a way to save and quickly load templates for quicker configurations across identical setups.
  • detachable ppm leads
  • hall sensor ports obviously
  • true sinewave FOC for better sensorless and even sensored operation. the FreeFly ARC 200 makes vesc based controllers look really stupid in this area.
  • standard bullet and JST connectors. Please don’t reinvent the physical interface with weird connectors.
  • motor direction change
  • can run 14S at 60 amps continuous reliably basically forever
  • no wider than 130mm
  • phase leads come out the front, power leads come out the back. sensor ports near phase leads, everything else near the back. none of that wires coming out of the side stuff or ports in weird places.
  • and yes please adjustable throttle curves
  • USB port on top! not the sides or edges.
  • brakes that actually lock up for stand-stills on inclines. There’s a discussion about this in another thread. Some kind of optionally enabled braking function that will lock the wheels if 1) you’re already in the stopped-but-still-rolling phase below a configurable erpm and 2) you double tap the brake or something equally deliberate.


with all those features, the esc would cost alot more than the VESC XD

It’s all software and the marginal cost of software is essentially free.

I feel bad for the guy who has to program all that, though.

@murdomeek and I have a feeling, even with all that, it will still be cheaper than a VESC6 from trampa.

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