0-15 mph acceleration

Since a few companies started to post there PEV’s 0-15mph or 0-24. kph, I thought it would be fun to see what the DIY’s are getting.

I didn’t have anything official to check my time with when I thought to try it. So I just used the vesc app, a stop watch, and split screen.

I recorded two runs, the second one was my best. I ran anywhere between 1.4 seconds and 1.8 seconds. Unfortunately, its a little tough to get an exact figure, but this should be accurate enough for now.

I ran the 1st around the 5/s mark and the second around the 20/s mark.

The second attempt seems to be:

19.81 seconds @ 0 kph
21.33 seconds @25 kph
equals a rough estimate of

1.52 seconds.